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    LibraryGo: Access to all of the St Paul Public Library's ebooks, audio books, databases, music, movies and more. You must use your SPPL E-Card or library card to access 9 (22091600+school ID#). Note: OverDrive on SPPL has a different collection of books than OverDrive on SPPS.

    LibraryGo Video Tutorial: Video tutorial on how to use LibraryGo, including how to download ebooks.

    OverDrive Video Tutorial: Video tutorial desribes how to install, add libraries and use OverDrive e-reader to read/download ebooks from libraries, including SPPS and SPPL.

    MackinVia: Provides a collection of multi-use read-along books, ebooks, graphic novels, audio books, and educational videos for high school students. Use Active Directory (AD) user name and password.

    Tumble Books: Provides a collection of read-along books, ebooks, graphic novels, audio books, and educational videos for middle and high school students. Works without password in school. Use AD credentials from home.  

    Tumble Books- Elementary                                                                                                                                             

     Audio Books:

    • Bluford High -Free audi books of the Bluford High Series.
    • Librivox - find a huge selection of free audio books.
    • Project Gutenberg - has a huge selection of human-read audio books available. You can search by author, title, language, and more
    • Listen and Read Audiobooks - A selection of free audio books available to be read in two different speeds.
    • Podiobooks - get books by the chapter, via RSS or by iTunes; in addition, you can also listen to a story online
    • ThoughtAudio  - classic audio books available for download
    • Lit2Go - poems and stories.
    • BooksShouldBeFree - audio books
    • Classic Audio Books - audio books in public domain

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