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  • Here are websites teachers may find useful. They include  United Streaming (Discovery Education), Venn diagram models as well as other tools that can be used to create customized graphic organizers, rubrics, puzzles and graphs. There's also a site with blank maps and a top-notch online dictionary:

    DISCOVERY EDUCATION:(FORMERLY KNOW AS "UNITED STREAMING") Please stream videos  OUTSIDE OF THE REGULAR SCHOOL DAY and save and store in a folder to be used during class. If everyone streams video during the school day, it will cause bandwidth problems and shut down the internet. Also, this should eleminate problems with buffering. USE ACTIVE DIRECTORY USER/PASSWORD.


    Printables: Has graphs and graphic organizers including column charts, time line, Venn diagram, several writing charts such as a story web, event map, main idea, vocabulary practice and many more. 

    Education Place Graphic Organizers: Includes clock, word clustering, flow chart, observation chart, persuasion map, problem-solution chart, sequence chart, spider map, time line, tree chart, Venn diagram and more.

    The Write Site Graphic Organizers: Covers several charts for writing exercises such as fact and opinion, paragraphs, story parts, newspaper analysis, the five "w's," and more. Includes directions on how to create your own Venn diagram as well as a database of existing diagrams.

    Discovery School’s Assessment and Rubric Information:  Lists several websites that provide rubrics, graphic organizers, builders, portfolios and more.

    Label Me Printouts: Provided by  Covers a vast number of printable pictures and maps that can be labeled. Some topics: biology, animals, astronomy, geography, music, ELL, anatomy, plants, geology, weather, United States, art, math, Spanish, French, German, flags, clock, compass, and many more.

    Create a Graph: Provided by Students' Classroom. Allows users to choose a graph type and insert their own data.



    RubiStar Rubrics: A tool to help users create their own rubrics. Areas include oral projects, multi-media, math, research and writing, reading, art, work skills, science and music.

    TeAchnology Rubrics: Provides step by step guidance on how to create your own rubric.


    Puzzlemaker: Provided by Users choose the puzzle format from a drop-down list and then insert their own words to create customzied puzzles.

    DICTIONARY Excellent online dictionary that is very simple to use and provides definitions from a variety of sources.

    TEACHER TRAINING VIDEOS :  These videos were created for teachers to help them incorporate technology into their teaching. Just click and a video will open and take you through how to use that technology.


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