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    Phone: 651-293-8915

    Email: allison.hanson@spps.org

    Allie Hanson began teaching at Dayton's Bluff Elementary in 2018. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education from University of Minnesota Duluth in 2015. Allie first started teaching in second grade in Minneapolis and switched over to special education in 2018 at Dayton's Bluff. 

    Allie likes summer the best even though she misses her students greatly. Being next to the ocean and traveling is Allie's favorite thing to do. Each summer, Allie makes sure to get to the ocean at least once and one new place she hasn't been. Winter is not her thing, so if you're looking for her, she's at home, hibernating and watching Netflix. 

    Allie currently lives in Minneapolis.  Both of Allie's parents are also educators, and has two younger sisters. Allie enjoys spending time with them as much as she can. 

    Allie is driven and motivated by her students. Allie believes in inclusion and is very passionate about building positive relationships with them. Allie works hard to provide individualized instruction to students to help them gain confidence and a sense of belonging.

    Degrees and Certifications: BA - Elementary Education and Special Education (U of MN Duluth)

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