• Sharing Advice to Make tech Relevant

    Above the line logo Welcome to Above the Line with PL, the Personalized Learning monthly podcast, where we are Sharing Advice to Make tech Relevant. We’re streaming from the PL Office here at E-STEM Middle School. We’re here to communicate PL Happenings throughout the district including what’s new, tips and tricks, professional learning opportunities and some staff highlights. Our hope is to provide an easy way to access these updates. You can listen in the car, the shower, play it in your classroom while you’re prepping for your day or any other place you normally listen to your podcasts!


    In SPPS, technology integration is often discussed in regard to the SAMR model. This is a framework developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura with the levels of substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition. While it not always the goal with using technology to be at the modification or redefinition level, these are the levels where learning and teaching are truly transformed. Where students and teachers can do what was not previously possible without the technology. That is called being “Above the line.” In our podcast series we hope to be able to share some ideas that will allow you to teach “Above the line.”


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