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    Stephanie Harris, PhD (


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    About me:

    I love learning new things and I love teaching chemistry! Some of my hobbies include running, skiing, biking, swimming and paddle boarding in summer (generally being outside), cooking, reading, and traveling. I also coordinate our school's American Chemical Society Chem Club, and advise National Honor Society. My own children are grown, so these days I also spend a lot of time with my big Newfoundland puppy, Snoop Dogg.

    Currently, I teach: 

    Saint Paul College Chemistry, grade 10 - This is a year-long college credit class as well as a class that fulfills the high school required credits for chemistry. Students are concurrently enrolled in the year-long course taught on site at Washington. Students earn their high school chemistry credits and 4.0 college credits (including 1.0 lab credit) at the same time. This course is a general chemistry class, with an emphasis on how chemistry affects our daily lives and the environment.

    Chemistry, grade 10 - This year-long class fulfills the high school required credits for chemistry. It's runes and potions! Students learn all about the periodic table and how matter rearranges in chemical reactions.