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Discovering the clues in the bones
  • I'm excited about being at Washington Technology Magnet this year. I spend the majority of my time in room 4208 - Human Biology Lab.

    The Human Biology class has been designed with your student in mind. The value of this unique course is an additional semester of Life Science in the 7th grade. Human Biology is focused on human body systems, disease process, building microscope skills, hands-on science labs, and communicating using science language and Science notebooking.

    I'm co-teaching Life Science with Mrs. Crusinberry with an emphasis on English Language development and hands-on labs that include concepts of cells, genetics, evolution, and ecology. This class will be contributing data to a growing project on growing tulips in the city.

    A new elective will also be offered for high school students to explore Forensics and the Biology aspects of solving crimes and mysteries. 


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