Adams Conferences

  • Adams will now use a new system,, to make conference signups as convenient as possible this year. Please use the following web address to sign up for conferences:

    With this system, you check the box for the teacher your child has, enter their name, and your email address. You will then be emailed a link to teacher conference schedules. If you are not available given the available time slots, please connect with your child’s teacher.

    Teachers are listed by grade level and alphabetically. If you would like to connect with specialists from art, music, physical education, or science, you can schedule a team conference with them under Multi-grade.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Adams está usando una sistema nueva,, para hacer el horario de conferencias más fácil. Favor usar el enlace para
    asignarse por una conferencia:

    Si no tiene accesso al internet, favor llamar el maestro / la maestra, o nuestra asistente por familias quien se llama Natalie Kemp en el 651-744-1276 o

    ¡Esperamos verles pronto!



  • 2019/20 Conference Dates and Times
    Tues., Nov. 12 and Thur., Nov. 14 : 5pm-8pm
    Fri., Nov. 15 : 9am-4pm
    Tues., Mar. 17 and Thur., Mar. 19: 5pm-8pm
    Fri., Mar. 20 : 9am-4pm

    Martes, 12 de nov. y Jueves, 14 de nov. : 5pm-8pm
    Viernes, 15 de nov. : 9am-4pm
    Martes, 17 de mar. y Jueves, 19 de mar. : 5-8pm
    Viernes, 20 de mar. : 9am-4pm.