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Degrees and Certifications:

BS- Secondary Education, English from University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Zackery Becker

This will be my second year teaching 7th and 8th grade Readers/Writers Workshop here at AIMS. I attended University of Wisconsin-River Falls and have my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education- English. After I graduated from college, I taught in the Stillwater School District, and at North High School. I have experience teaching every grade from 7th to 12th, and have taught basic English, grammar, career writing, and short story courses.

When I'm not teaching at AIMS, I love exploring the outdoors, spending time with my family, and staying in with a good book or a good bingeable TV show. One of my favorite places to spend time is up at the North Shore in MN. It feels like a whole different world just a few hours away from the cities. When I get time to read for fun, I love to read science fiction (space is awesome!) and mystery series. Something many people don't know about me is that I am an avid comic reader. 

Working at AIMS is a very special opportunity, and I feel extremely lucky to be here for a second year. I am constantly learning new things about Native culture and our amazingly talented student body. I look forward to a long and fulfilling career here at AIMS.


What Is Workshop?

One of the amazing things about Workshop is that it allows your kids to have a ton of choice in picking the book they read while we learn new skill. One of the hardest things about Workshop is that kids who struggle to read, or don't like to read can feel lost, stressed, and discouraged when they are suddenly in charge of their reading life. Every day in ELA consists of a short warm-up to start our hour, followed by a 10-12 minute lesson where I teach a specific skill for the day. After that, students will have about 30-40 minutes to read or write depending on the unit. We finish up each day with a short 3-5 minute reflection. Below is the schedule for the year; each quarter typically starts with a reading unit, followed by a writing unit.  


2019-2020 Curriculum Schedule:

7th Grade

Reading                                              Writing

Q1: A Deep Study of Character               Q1: Writing Realistic Fiction

Q2: Non-Fiction Research                       Q2: Art of Argument 

Q3: Historical Fiction Book Clubs             Q3: Writing About Reading 

Q4: Analytical Reading                           Q4: Poetry


8th Grade

Reading                                                 Writing

Q1: A Deep Study of Character                Q1: Memoir 

Q2: Non-Fiction Research                        Q2: Position Papers

Q3: Dystopian Book Clubs                       Q3: Literary Essays

Q4: Approaching the Classics                   Q4: Investigative Journalism 



Formative* (60 total points; 60% of grade)

Warm Ups (10 points per quarter)

Notebook Checks (20 points per quarter- random checks to ensure that students are understanding daily work and keeping up with the skills we are learning)

Learning Checks (30 points per quarter- informal learning checks to test all students consistently on the skills we have learned over the course of our unit)

*Formatives are daily work, assignments, and other informal checks. Formative shows how the students are forming in their learning.

Summative* (40 total points; 40% of grade)

Reading Unit Final Project (15 points per quarter)

Writing Unit Final Project (15 points per quarter)

Pre-assessments (10 points per quarter) 

*Summatives are formal assessments and final projects. Summative shows a summary of learning.



AIMS Grading Policy


Here are some resources for reluctant readers:

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Motivate Your Kids to Read: This blog gives some helpful tips on getting your reluctant reader to get excited about reading