The SPPS Enterprise Information Technology Governance Framework

  • Very briefly the SPPS Enterprise Information Technology Governance (EITG) Framework process is as follows: 

    Stakeholders and subject member experts (SMEs) submit change requests. The Change Advisory Committee meets monthly to review applications and is comprised of representatives from various departments across the district. Under the direction to the Board of Education and the Superintendent, the Senior Executive Leadeship Team is responsible for determining which EITG Projects will move forward in March of each year.  

    Note that successful projects should be strongly aligned to the SPPS Strategic Plan goals. 

    The EITG Framework is below along with with the steps in more detail: 


    Steps in the EITG Process

    1. The various stakeholders, such as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), create a request for a new/changed good or service. That is done on the Project Request Form. Projects should be carefully considered and provide as much detail as possible. 
    2. The completed Project Request Form is sent to the Change Advisory Committee in one of their monthly meetings before January 15th, the annual deadline for Requests. The Committee may request further information or clarifcation. They may also invite the requestors to a meeting for discussion on the request. The Committee will then score the Request on a rubric.
    3. The Request will be forwarded to the EITG Committee which is composed of senior district administrators. The EITG committee will make determinations each year in March as to which requests will move forward. The SELT Committee meets annually in March
    4. Once approved, requests will move to the development stage and proceed from there. Individual requests will have various timelines as determined in the original request form. 
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