Enterprise IT Governance (EITG) Calendar & Timeline

  • Timeline

    The annual timeline for EITG is described below

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    Project Intake 

     June – *January 15 

    • Gathers project intake requirements 
    • Obtains department leader support, approval, and sponsorship 
    • Engages and completes Purchasing Department Request For Information/Proposal (RFP) process (if required) 
    • Project Requestor send completed intake form to EITG@spps.org 


    Note: *January 15th deadline for next year's budget; however, proposals accepted all year

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    (January – December) 

    • Acknowledgement sent to Project Requestor their request received includes with overview of the EITG process 
    • Record Project Intake Form 
    • Intake form confidentially shared with Change Advisory Committee for review 
    • Project intake Q &A scheduled with Requestor, Change Advisory Committee, and If required, technical resource(s) 

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    Bi-weekly/as needed 

    • Q & A session with Project Requestor 
    • Evaluation performed 
    • Existing solution(s) and/or process 
    • Requirements clearly defined 
    • District Strategic Alignment 
    • District impact 
    • District value 
    • Technical standards 
    • Service ownership and responsibilities identified 


    Note:  Assessment, scoring, and status assignment performed next committee meeting if evaluation complete. 

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    • Obtains high-level ETCs (Estimated Time to Complete) effort hours from Technology Services within 1-2 weeks 
    • Project Proposal(s) 40 hours or less sent through Service Desk request system (Project Requestor and Leader informed) 


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    • Project Proposal(s) scoring 
    • Project Proposal(s) assigned status of Declined, Future Consideration, or SELT (Senior Executive Leadership Team) Consideration 

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    • Update Project Proposal Record with Change Advisory Committee evaluation results 
    • Schedules Enterprise Governance Committee presentation(s) 
    • Sends presentation guidelines and schedule to Project Requestor and Department Leader 

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    • Project Presentations 
    • Final review/evaluation of projects   
    • Projects authorized or declined   
    • Project Prioritization  
    • Project Planning  

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    • Project Kickoffs 
  • Calendar

    The Change Advisory Committee accepts Requests throughout the year at its monthly meetings. They will score requests on a rubric and then submit reviewed projects to the Senior Executive Leadership Team (SELT) in March. At that time, more information will be provided on the calendar as projects move forward. 

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