Jason Garver

  • Mr. G Professionally: I graduated from the University Of Minnesota with a Bachelors Of Science degree in Astrophysics, then againwith a Masters Of Education degree, and have been teaching at Harding since 2019. I am also lucky enough to be a fellow at the Knowles Teacher Initiative. I have lived in Minneapolis for most of my adult life, but don't worry, St. Paul is growing on me! I teach various kinds of science at Harding and am passionate about giving young people a good introduction to what it means to do science and how science is for them

    At Harding, I am also involved in various roles that give me the ability to support our students when they need it most, as well as the opportunity to listen to our students about what they want the school to be like.

    Mr. G outside of school: You can sometimes find me hiking in the coldest parts of winter, but you will never find me at the State Fair in the summer. I enjoy spending time with my wife and cat, and on the weekends I will often cook traditional Danish foods (lots of sweets) that my wife grew up with in Denmark. 

Contact Information

  • Jason Garver (Mr. G)
    Science, room: 1329
    Email: Jason.garver@spps.org

    Teams: PBIS (lead), Equity Team, Restorative Practices