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    Left-Right: Lin Laoshi (Mandarin Immersion Science 6-8) and Zhang Laoshi (Chinese Immersion Language Arts 6-8)

  • The Mandarin Immersion Program at HPMS offers a rigorous and engaging instruction in modern Chinese (Mandarin) and has been a program at HPMS since the 2017-18 school year.  It offers a unique opportunity for students to prepare for changing world conditions and increased language requirements so they are ready for the Mandarin Immersion program at Highland Senior High School. Chinese culture is an integral part of the program. It is designed for students who have completed elementary Mandarin Immersion Programs and want to continue to improve their Chinese through the immersion approach. Chinese Immersion language arts and science classes are offered in each of the middle school grades. Currently, there are 50 students, in grades 6 – 8, enrolled in the Mandarin Immersion program at Highland Park Middle School, and are served by two full-time Mandarin Immersion staff.


    Course Offerings

    Chinese Immersion (Language Arts), Grades 6, 7, 8

    Chinese Immersion (Language Arts) is offered at each grade level. The course is designed to meet the language arts needs of middle school students. While continuing to target language development, our grade level program provides primary source materials (in Mandarin) that support language development with a rigorous IB MYP focus. Each year Chinese Immersion (Language Arts) supports what is learned in the year prior, and prepares our student to be ready for the high school immersion program at Highland Park Senior High School.


    Chinese Immersion Science, Grades 6, 7, 8

    Mandarin Immersion is offered in science at each grade level. In grade 6, students study physical science, in grade 7 they study life science, and in grade 8 they study earth science, all taught in Mandarin. While satisfying district, state, and IB MYP standards in science, our science program continues to focus on language development through the science curriculum. Like their non-immersion peers, Chinese Immersion Science students write labs and conduct scientific experiments, but they get to do so in Mandarin. By the end of grade 8, our Mandarin Immersion students are high school ready.

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