2019-20 Dance Party

  • SPMA students join in on the 2019 Hour of Code in many ways: coding lessons, programming games, working with robotics. One of the most fun ways is that many students design a Dance Party, selecting the songs and background, picking the dancers, choosing the dance moves, and making the Dance Party interactive.

     This is a example (by Mr. Ching) of a boring dance party: We Can't Stop

    • Does it have many different dances?
    • Do the dancers change positions?
    • Do new dancers appear?
    • Do the arrows make the dancers change dances or positions?
    • Does the background change?

    To make your Dance Party, you can remix one of these templates:

    The Dance Party programs created below are much more fun and exciting programs. Try them and see!

    4th Grade:

    3rd Grade