Phone: 651-744-4209


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Education Master of Arts

About Mrs. Woods

Hello, my name is Tina Woods and I am happy to have joined the Highwood Hills community. I started my teaching career in Waianae, Hawaii and have been teaching in the Saint Paul Public Schools since 1996. I have taught grades Kindergarten – Fourth Grade as a classroom teacher. This year, I have joined the English as a Second Language Team and work with our Highwood Hills First Graders. I hold a Bachelor of Education K-6 Degree with an emphasis in Family Resources and a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language.  My focus is for each English Language Learner to be confident in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. I co-teach reading and writing with the two First Grade classrooms and meet ELL students in small instruction groups.

Education is very important to me and I recently graduated from St. Mary’s University in 2017 with my ESL Master Degree. I am a Navy Veteran of 11 years active duty/ reserve duty combined. Respect, responsibility, and honor are core values that I have kept from my military experience. In my free time I enjoy family time with my two daughters and grandchildren, being in the sun, reading, and water exercise classes.

I feel that teachers and parents can work together to meet our children’s academic and social needs.  Thank you for your support and efforts at home! You can contact me by email or call the school office 651-744-3290. I look forward to working with you in educating your child!

 Distance Learning Expectations

 Dear Families,

   Hello! I want to thank all of you for your patience and efforts at home in helping your child through this time of distance learning! I realize that you all have your own personal situations with this change in our lives. 

I have been sending out weekly videos on Monday, titled Mrs. Woods’ Weekly Words. In these videos I give the information for the week as to what activities to look for, for your child. Some activities are sent to small groups of children, tailored to their needs and some go out to all English Language Learners or all First Graders. My activities will have ELL in the title to help you find them. I also collaborate with the classroom teachers in planning and supporting their activities in the core subjects.

Your child is expected to do all activities in their journal feed. Activities are also expected to be completed within two days of being assigned if possible. Activities will come down from their journal feed in 1-2 weeks from the assigned date. Children are also expected to daily do one Imagine Learning session.  I understand that some weeks these expectations may only be partially met. I appreciate all that you are able to do at this time in supporting your child’s learning!

   Please contact me if you need assistance with the assignments or have other needs. I will do my best to help your child or connect you with the resource you are looking for. You may reach me through See Saw or e-mail I can also be reached through your classroom teacher and the school support staff members you have been working with.