Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Gualtieri

Personal Art Area: Instrumental Music

Courses: High School and Middle School band and orchestra, Tech TOSA/iPad Manager

Need support? After school help or direct attention during class.

Ben Gualtieri is one of the youngest members of our Creative Arts Faculty. As a first year teacher, he is approaching this year with an immense amount of patience and motivation to provide to these students trust, commitment, and a new perspective which energizes their ability to be creative in the music classroom. He loves to perform on the trombone and is currently playing in a rock/funk band in the twin cities. Being a music performer is extremely satisfying for him, because deep down he understands the value of being able to provide relaxation and enjoyment to those around him. Mr. Gualtieri wants his students to find this value themselves by being able to work with each other through collaboration and performance to entertain, inspire, and motivate others.

Mr. Gualtieri is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with degrees in both Music Education and Music Performance (trombone). He fell in love with teaching after finding the value in interacting and growing with students in music. When it comes to music appreciation, he finds reasons to enjoy almost all genres of music. This encourages him as an educator to find what students connect with the most and transfer it into the Minnesota standards and curriculum.

Outside of teaching, Mr. Gualtieri enjoys playing in orchestras and jazz combos around the Twin Cities. He also is an active salsa dancer, taking lessons weekly and hitting the dance floor every once in a while. His biggest hobby is trying to find new hobbies.

"I love trying new things and diving into unfamiliar environments." - Mr. Gualtieri


Contact Information:

Phone: 651-744-1149