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    Phone: 651-293-8915

    Email: laura.jacobson7@spps.org

    Laura Jacobson began teaching science as a specialist at Dayton's Bluff in the fall of 2019! She has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from South Dakota State University, an Elementary Education Certificate from Northern State University, and a Master of Arts as an Elementary Education Reading Specialist from The University of South Dakota. She began her teaching career in Hill City, South Dakota teaching Second Grade! After teaching there for two years she decided to go back to school to get her masters, where she taught K-8 Title 1 Reading in Gayville, South Dakota for one year.

    When Ms. Jacobson is not at school, she enjoys playing trivia with her sister and their friends every Wednesday evening! Ms. Jacobson also enjoys going to the movies whenever she gets a chance, catching a Twins game on a nice fall day, or going to see a play at The Orpheum! Over the 2019-2020 year Ms. Jacobson and her sister saw about nine plays and even saw a couple of them twice! Ms. Jacobson also enjoys sitting at home playing games, reading, swimming in the pool at her apartment complex, hanging out with friends, and watching tv and movies with her sister.

    Ms. Jacobson currently lives in Roseville, Minnesota, with her sister, Amanda. Ms. Jacobson moved here three years ago from Vermillion, South Dakota. Ms. Jacobson grew up in Vermillion, South Dakota with her parents and sister. She loved working at the local movie theater, spending time playing card games (Pinochle, Golf, Rack-O, and Phase-10), yard games (ladder golf, can jam, darts, and cornhole), and going on vacations with her family. Her favorite vacation was when her family went to Ireland for two weeks after she and her sister graduated from college. It was so incredible learning about the Irish people and walking through so many beautiful castles. Ms. Jacobson loves to travel, and is always ready for another adventure! Any suggestions for vacation destinations are always welcome!

    Ms. Jacobson is so excited to be working at Dayton's Bluff Elementary School and cannot wait to begin year two! Ms. Jacobson is excited to learn more about the world of Science and what it has to offer our students, and she looks forward to learning along side you!!


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    Degrees and Certifications: BS - Early Childhood Education (South Dakota State University), Elementary Education Certificate (Northern State University), MA - Elementary Education Reading Specialist (University of South Dakota)

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