Downtown School (Juvenile Detention Center)

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    About the School Day


    Residents attend school from 8:30 AM to 2:15 PM. They receive instruciton in 4-core subject areas: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Classes are taught by licensed Saint Paul School Teachers. Students are also able to participate in enrichment courses focused on college/career exploration, soical/emotional learning, decision making, and positive sexual health. Special Ed services are provided to qualifying students. 

    40-hours of classroom instruction, or approximately 10-weeks of study, equals 1 full credit. Each child's home school can determine how credits earn at the Downtown School can apply towards fulfilling graduation requirements. 

    The Downtown School receives supplemental Federal funds from Title 1.

    During this unprecendented COVID period of time, we have responded decisively and created the necessary supports that makes virtual learning possible. Students have the use of IPads and are able to join a virtual learning environment, called Schoology. Also known as a learning management system, Schoology allows users to create, manage and share academic content. In addition, students have weekly on-line, live classroom interactions with their teachers and school support staff.