The SPPS Change Advisory Committee

  • Requests are Submitted to the Change Advisory Committee

    The EITG Change Advisory Committee accepts completed Project Requests from stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in SPPS. They will review the Requests and may ask for more information or for the requestors to come to a meeting to present on their Request. 

    Once the Change Advisory Committee has the information necessary to score the Request, it will use a rubric to determine if the project should be move forward to the district Senior Executive Leadership Team (SELT) in March of each year. One of the processes the the Change Advisory Committe oversees is the determination of whether a Project Request requires a consideration by the SELT. Some projects are more easily completed and may not need a complicated budget or resource workflow. These projects can be scheduled and complted without being moved on to the SELT. 

    The Change Advisory Committee is about facilitating the Change/Release process, which means to say that it is about determining which Requests can be easily accomodated and moved to completion and which Requests need further consideration and budget/resource allocations. 

  • Service Advisory Committee Role & Responsibilities 

    The EITG Change Advisory Committee uses the following parameters to complete its work. 

    • Keep data shared confidential and private until it has gone to the EITG Committee Leaderships 
    • Verify project objective(s) and properly defined 
    • Validate and confirm all recipients (users) and stakeholders (impacted departments) identified. 
    • Identify if an existing solution/service available that meets requirement(s) 
    • Verifies the proposed service is not duplication of an existing service. If so, then all services (solutions) need to be evaluated 
    • Required Services (Support, Application, Infrastructure, etc. Services on which this service depends) 
    • Identifies any other department dependencies 
    • Identify and confirm functional/service ownership and sponsorship (Asst. Director and above) for project and ongoing if project approved) 
    • Functional/service owner is the person immediately accountable for supporting, sustaining, and improving a specific service, as well as, being responsible for the outcomes of the service. They will be the subject matter expert of the service 
    • Confirm project manager is committed for project if project approved. One from department requesting project 
    • Review if potential vendors have been listed 
    • Reviews primary effort estimates 
    • Performs risk assessment 
    • Scores project proposals 
  • Change Advisory Committee Membership

    The Change Advisory Committee is comprised of members from various departments to help ensure Project Requests are aligned to the SPPS Strategic Plan and that they are well considered before passing them on to the Senior Executive Leadership Team (SELT). The Members are:

    • Pang Yang Research, Evaluation and Assessment
    • Patti Norwig, Human Resources
    • Lynn Broberg, Nutrition Services
    • Erin Moline, Student Placement Center
    • Robert Arnold, Specialized Services
    • Jeannine Retelle, Educational Technology
    • Lori Erickson, Early Learning
    • John Osorio, Online School(s)
    • Babalola Coker, Technology Services - (EITG Chair)
    • Nathan Aadland, Facilities
    • Dan Friedman-Shedlov, Technology Services
    • Patricia Michaud - Finance
    • Vacant - Office of Career and College Readiness
    • Ad-Hoc Invites, Communications, Legal, Transportation, SEM.
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