How do SPPS Budgets Work?

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Introduction to School Budgets

  • The details of the SPPS operating budget and the various school and program budgets can be overwhelming for those who don't routinely work with funding.  However, the basics are straight forward and provide a good starting point for anyone interested in how SPPS develops and manages its budgets.

    The district receives funding from a variety of sources, and this all contributes to the overall operating budget, the starting point for most money in SPPS. To learn more about where this money comes from and how SPPS uses it, see district budgeting

    Each school recieves its funding from the district's operating budget; this is the foundation for the schools' individual budgets. Schools may qualify for additional funding for programs like special educaiton or Title I based on student demographics.  Schools may also seek grant funding to add programs or services to promote student success. Grants are generally small and focus on a specific goal; they account for a very small percentage of funding in SPPS. To learn more about this process, see school-based budgeting.

Last Modified on February 28, 2020