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  • First Day at Ms. Traecy's Class!

    Posted by 2nd Grade Parent on 1/7/2020

      It's the Sunday before we head back to school after winter break, and I'm running around trying to finish last minute laundry and cleaning before our hectic school schedule reconvenes. My son is a senior in high school and, barely awake at noon, he's bemoaning the fact that we have to return to alarms and school bells and homework tomorrow. My daughter, who's in Ms. Traecy's 2/3 split classroom, has had a wonderful, fun-filled break (and probably way too much screen time), and I expected that she would share our sentiments about returning to school, but instead she says, "I can't wait to see Ms. Traecy. I miss her so much!" Not a word about having to wake up early, nothing about leaving the dogs at home while we rush out the door in our perpetual rush to get anywhere on time--she's excited to see the teacher who has listened to and encouraged and supported her through the first half of 2nd grade.

      Ms. Traecy, while a seasoned teacher, is new to Galtier this year, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw my daughter's name on her roster during the open house. I was struck upon meeting her, however, by how respectfully and patiently she talked with her new students, shaking their hands and bending forward to be closer to their level.

      Throughout this school year, Ms. Traecy has worked to engender that same patience and respect among the classroom community, which I can see reflected in my daughter's language and behavior at home when she talks about being an ally to a friend who's struggling, or takes deep breaths to calm herself in moments of frustration (as well as reminding me when I might need to take a few for myself). Our family has gone through some difficult and unexpected changes over the past six months, which has been the source of a lot of anxiety for my daughter, and having a teacher who is so wonderfully supportive of her emotional health as well as her academic progress has truly been a gift to all of us.

      Last week, my daughter received a postcard from Ms. Traecy, thanking her for the Christmas drawing that she'd given her on the last day before break, and "for all you give from your beautiful heart." We are equally grateful for all Ms. Traecy gives from her beautiful heart to each of her students--there's nowhere I'd rather my daughter be.

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