Requesting VPN Access

  • Reasons for needing VPN ACCESS

    • Most SPPS applications are available outside SPPS network. A small number of applications are only available when connected to SPPS network. These include Peoplesoft, Finance Only, Local File Shares and Tririga.
      • VPN is needed to Access :
        • Peoplesoft, Finance Only (eprocurement)
        • Department Shares/Net Shares (does not include Office 365 and Google Drive sharing)
        • Tririga
        • SRS Repoting
        • Custom websites
      • VPN is not needed to Access:
        • Peoplesoft, HR/Payroll
        • Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
        • Email
        • Files on OneDrive
        • Google SPPS Apps
        • Schoology
        • Campus
        • iOS Apps
        • PDExpress
    • Please submit a ticket at
    • VPN Access template
    • The user will receive a Text Message when the Duo/VPN account is created. Please wait for an appointment with a Field Technician before clicking on the  text message link. Link is valid for 10 days. A Field Technician will schedule an appointment with the user once an account is created.


    1. Have your phone ready, with DUO set up
    2. Open Cisco Anyconnect

    Type in box as shown below:

VPN Text Entry Box
    • Click Connect
    • Sign in with your Active Directory account (used for computer, Campus, PDExpress password) as shown in the box below:
Active Directory Sign in Box
    • On your phone your will receive a text message from Duo Approve the sign-in request on the DUO mobile app as shown below:
Message on Your Phone
    • Verify your connection to VPN. You should receive a message like the one shown below:
Connection Verification