Student Support Request
Student Support Request
Please complete this super quick form to request support from a member of our Student Support Team. Our intention is to respond to your requests as quickly as possible! However, in some situations, a response may be delayed. But we will do our best to respond within the timeline you note below.

- Complete the SSR for ALL issues for which you are requesting follow-up by an SST member.
- Finish the request and submit it. Write "N/A" on any line that does not apply to your request.
- WAIT for a response from one of our SST members who will either respond themselves (MYP-Rene Meyers, PYP- Deanna Mazone or Becky Engeleiter) OR forward the request to the appropriate SST member (see flowchart).
- If you are requesting follow-up for a student/family or yourself, please do not contact SST members outside of this process.
- You will be notified via email once a resolution is attained. If the same concern repeats (e.g., malfunctioning tech), your first SSR will be marked as resolved and a new SSR will need to be completed.
- Students who receive multiple SSRs will be referred to the Student Assistance Team (SAT). Anyone who provides services to the student will then be invited to a SAT meeting for the student.
- TECH clarification: For tech HARDWARE issues (i.e., something tangible - like an iPad, hot spot, etc.), a tech ticket will also need to be completed. If, however, the issue is about getting a student connected, problem-solving access to a program, etc., then only an SSR is necessary. Tech-related options have been added to the SSR (see below) along with a link to completing a Tech Ticket -

**The SSR will be used for the entire 2020-21 school year regardless of the learning scenario in place. We will be asking for teacher feedback about how things are working throughout the year and adjust accordingly.

If you aren't sure whether to reach out, REACH OUT! We are in this TOGETHER!! We've got your back and are here to support kids, families, and YOU!!


- Your HPPA Student Support Team

p.s. click for more FAQs about the SSR process:
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Student's Name
Student's Grade
Does the student have siblings at HPPA? If "yes" and you know their name(s) and grade(s), please note them below. If you are unsure about siblings at HPPA, write "unknown" below.
Has anyone else on this child's team also submitted an SSR? If "yes" or "maybe," who?
Urgency Level of this Request
Clear selection
Nature of student-based concern (you can keep this brief - if more details are needed, an SST member will contact you). Please be certain to only share info about the student (e.g., do not share confidential information about family members, home status, etc. Such things can be captured on a CPS referral, if appropriate).
What kind of support are you seeking? (select all that apply)
What actions have you already taken to address this concern? What have the outcomes been?
Please include contact information for the student or parent (as appropriate) below. Make BRIEF notes about unique circumstances of which we should be aware (an SST member will follow up personally for more details, if needed).
A copy of your responses will be emailed to
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