Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3-7, 2021

  • Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7. This year more than ever, SPPS teachers have gone above and beyond to keep students learning and engaged. Join us in saying thank you to our teachers for everything they do for the 36,000 students of Saint Paul Public Schools.

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Thank You, Teachers!

  • Thank you note to Mr. Andersen from Grant. Colorful flower drawing.

    Thank you Mr. Andersen.

    - Grant, 1st grade, Groveland Park Elementary

  • Ms. Kellner, 

    Thank you for always being so sweet and supportive!

    - Gabriela, 10th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Mrs. Ostendorf, 

    Thanks for teaching my class this difficult year. You had the best google meets, they always made me want to come because they were interesting! You were interested in what you were talking about, you included different mediums of teaching, and it was just really great. I think you did a phenomenal job considering the circumstances and I really enjoyed your class. Thank you for everything that you do.

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Ms. Decker - Thank you for helping and coming to school everyday so that we can learn . - Elijah, 2nd grade, Hazel Park

  • Ms. Aanerud, Thank you for showing me how to tell time. I also learned how to write the word "feel." I had a very good year because I learned so much. - Alba, 2nd grade, Galtier Community School

    We appreciate you so much Ms. Aanerud - your distance learning videos became a rock in our house, and Alba loves seeing you in school finally. We all agree that you are amazing! - Alba's mom and dad

  • Mr. Ferraro,

    Out of all my teachers, I’ve known you the least amount of time, but I still wanted to say thank you because every teacher deserves recognition. Gym class seems impossible to try to do virtually, but you figured out some ways to make it work! I enjoyed the guest speaker, and I’m glad you had him on. Thanks for trying to make class interesting for us this year!

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Thank you note with a picture of a young woman holding a baby.

    Thanks for all of my teachers who actually have worked hard to help me through the quarters. It’s been rough but they all manage to help all of us students to get through. I really appreciate their help.

    - Gaochee, 10th grade, AGAPE High School

  • XF Na,

    Thank you for being flexible, adaptable and ensuring the kids are learning by having fun. This year has challenged families and teachers but you still strive to keep fun in learning. Thank you.

    - Steven, 3rd grade, Jackson Elementary

  • Ms. Newman,

    Thank you for being a constant source of support for Rane during her time at Murray, especially during history day activities. It is too bad that covid was such an interruption as she will miss you next year.

    - Rane and family, 8th grade, Murray Middle School

  • Thank you note to Ms. Dooley - Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate being able to do the fun labs. From Aleia

  • Thank you Mrs. Coleman! You have been an amazing teacher. We appreciate you so much. If only I could afford it, we would love to send you on vacation this summer.

    - Adil, 2nd grade

  • crayon drawn picture of two people smiling

    To: Alondra Velazquez

    From: Ella, Kindergarten, Riverview West Side School of Excellence

  • Mrs. Williams,

    I really appreciate how fun you make class for Rayden. She loves your class and is excited about reading. Thank you very much.

    - Rayden and family, 1st grade, Hamline Elementary

  • Young blonde girl talking into the camera

    Ms. Traxler, Thank you ❤️.

    - Ruby, 5th grade, Horace Mann School

  • Highland Park Elementary School teachers,

    Thank you for teaching me everything about the real world and how to prepare for middle school!

    - Tyreonna, 5th grade, Highland Park Elementary

  • Mr. Martin,

    I truly thank you for the effort you have put in with our class and your others too. I thought sitting through all the videos could be boring (no offense, but you gotta admit, it’s like an hour and a half of math), but recording them, coming up with the homework, quiz, and test questions must’ve been really time-consuming. It always seems easier when you’re not the one who has to plan out everything, and you did a really good job of having it be organized and make sense. And the obvious thank you for answering my many, many questions. I honestly do recognize the time and work you put into teaching us and I appreciate it.

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Young red headed boy talking into the camera

    To: Mrs. Hausman/Ms. Bowman

    - Elliot, 3rd grade, St. Anthony Park Elementary

  • Young girl holding a hand drawn picture.

    Mrs. Salt - Thank you so much for teaching me.

    - Ameya, 1st grade, Dayton's Bluff Elementary

  • Students holding sign that says thank you teachers

    Ms. Woods-Weismann and Ms. McGregor, This has been a hard year but you have kept the kids engaged, learning, and connected with their peers. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. We could not be more grateful.

    - Cecilia, Evelyn and Connor, 2nd and 3rd grade, St. Anthony Park Elementary

  • Ms. Braun,

    Thank you for teaching me during the first semester. Your class was the most fun and had the most participation. You used all different types of teaching and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the material and you were always so friendly towards me. The lessons were put together well, and I just really enjoyed your class. Thank you for putting in the time to make the class fun and engaging and I really apréciate the effort you put in.

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Dear Ms. Noah,

    I want to thank you for making Chemistry so easy for me. Ever since middle school, science has always been a struggle for me. When you taught me about the formation of ions you taught it in a way that I could understand and that’s what I admire about you. You care so much for your students and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Even though I make mistakes very often, you’re always there to help me along the way.

    - Maddie, 10th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Yelly Yang,

    XF Nxtawm - thank you for helping Nkauj Hli learn. She always comes home to tell me what she learned and what she did with you. She loves showing us what she did in class and telling us about her friends. Thank you.

    - Madeline, Pre-K, Jackson Elementary

  • Drawing of a flower with a note to Ms. Schaefer from Grant.

    Thank you Ms. Schaefer!

    - Grant, 1st grade, Groveland Park Elementary

  • Thank you note to Mr. Flahavan from Maisy.

  • Kevin,

    Thank you for all you have done for us. You went above and beyond to ensure Ian remains engaged in learning, checked on our wellbeing numerous times during distance learning and your adaptability during the school year. Thank you.

    - Ian and family, 1st grade, Jackson Elementary

  • thank you note to ms. goodnow

  • Ms. Roste,

    I know it's been a rough year Kayla, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for all the good work you do at Murray. We are proud of your teaching to your students.

    - Rane and family, 8th grade, Murray Middle School

  • hand drawn picture of students in a classroom

    Profe Marina Lyons - Gracias por ser la mejor maestra del mundo.

    - Amy, Kindergarten, Wellstone Elementary

  • Ms. Teresa,

    Thank you for caring for my child each and every day...
    Thanks so much for being so passionate about teaching young children...
    I'm so excited that you give my children the care that they deserve...
    I feel extremely grateful.

    - Abigail and family, Pre-K, Highland Park Elementary

  • Young boy in shark sweatshirt standing on a bed.

    I want to say thank you to all the teachers at my school. They do a very good job of teaching all the kids good and new stuff. We learn a lot of good stuff, We also learn how to dance and how to be nice to other people and not to be mean to people. Thank you all for doing a good job.

    Vincent, 2nd grade, Mississippi Creative Arts

  • Ms. S,

    I really appreciate all you have done for Matthew. He enjoys school a little better this year. Thank you for all you do.

    - Matthew and family, 5th grade, Hamline Elementary

  • female student talking into the camera

    To all of my Highland Park Senior High School teachers, Thank you so much for putting effort into teaching me and encouraging me to be successful.

    - Lisbeth, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Mr. Chase, 

    I wanted to say thank you so much for being able to always see a light in me that I could not see at times. I wanted to let you know I will never forget your light and your encouraging words!!

    - Yazarah, 10th grade, Como Park Senior High

  • Mr. Matuzak,

    Thanks for being my band teacher! I can't imagine trying to do that this year, but you figured out, somehow, how to teach us. Even though it wasn’t very challenging, I still enjoy playing my instrument and you can find benefits in anything you practice, (e.g. if you’re not struggling with the notes or rhythms at all, try to not stop to breathe less, use alt fingerings, add ornamentation, etc.) so it wasn’t like it was bad for me to do it. But I also like talking about the theory the few times we did. It was nice and you helped me think about it in a different way. And you also are teaching (correct me if I’m wrong) like 5 different bands, so you are having to do tons of stuff. I’m honestly surprised you did such a decent job with us, I can’t imagine trying to coordinate all of that. Needless to say, I am really grateful for all the work you put into making our learning engaging, so thank you!

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Thank you Mr. Mattimiro from Elodie

  • XF. Ka Ying,

    Thank you for your adapting to distance learning and to encouraging students to continue learning. You are awesome!

    - Ian and family, 1st grade, Jackson Elementary

  • Young girl holding whiteboard sign that says "thank you for being my teacher."

    To: Mrs. Erickson

    From: June, 1st grade, St. Anthony Park Elementary

  • Ms. Burkstrand, Ms. Bolopue, Ms. Kellner, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Haas, Ms. Becker and Ms. Donlon,

    Thank you so much for all the help and support.

    - Selam, 10th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Thank you Mrs Land, for showing me my letter sounds! - Julia, Pre-K, Galtier Community School

    We love you and appreciate you for so much effort you have put into this year. Your heart is so big and your talent is so vast, you fill the world. - Julia's mom and dad

  • Mrs. Early,

    Thank you for keeping learning fun for Ian. Regardless of distance learning and in-person learning, he has truly expressed his interest in your sessions. Thank you for being creative and also keeping things simple for him. Thank you.

    - Ian's family, 1st grade, Jackson Elementary

  • Young students talking into the camera

    I love your work, Mrs. Dochniak. I'm lucky to have you as my teacher.

    - Shane, Kindergarten, Randolph Heights Elementary

  • Sra. Juenemann,

    Thanks for being my teacher this year! It’s hard to try to make lessons that work for everyone in our Spanish class since there are kids who are behind, some who are ahead. You are really nice and you do your best to help all of us by having office hours, etc. And the obvious thank you for doing the book club with me, even though my Spanish is pitiful. I appreciate the effort you put in and the extra time. It’s really nice of you so thank you.

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Thank you note to XF Pahoua from Madeline

  • Mai Yia Lee,

    Thank you for being our teacher for the 2/3 of the school year. 2020-2021 has been a challenge and you made it as enjoyable as possible. Thank you.

    - Steven, 3rd grade, Jackson Elementary

  • Hand drawn picture of hearts and orange flower

    Ms. German, Ms. Herrick, Ms. Sharon

    Rosalind (Rosa) has loved all of her teachers so far: Ms. Sharon from pre-K, Ms. Herrick in distance learning K, and now Ms. German in VLS K. She talks about how kind they are and how much they know about so many things, and she's always excited to go to school meetings and do the activities. Thank you for all the hard work you do, but also for the kindness and empathy you have shown the students (and families) this year.

    - Rosa and family, Kindergarten, Galtier Community School

  • Sra. Blyakher,

    Thanks for putting in effort into our class and doing your best to make it interesting. I really did like the lessons and you covered some interesting topics! I liked how you had the little thing at the beginning of class and I’m genuinely sorry there wasn't very much participation. When I see teachers in other classes try stuff like that too and no one participates it makes me feel really bad so I’m sorry. So in conclusion, just a genuine thank you for all the time and energy you put into helping us!

    - Elodie, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • drawing of a student and teacher standing side by side, smiling

    Dear Lin Laoshi, I want to thank you for being, well you. You’re kind, smart, patient, and a very caring person. During my lowest time you were there to help me succeed and hearing you’re words of advice helped me strive for the better. I appreciate everything that you’ve done for all of your students and you will always be my number 1 favorite teacher. Thank you for everything Lin Laoshi.

    - Maddie, 10th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Ms. Hill, 

    Thank you for your support of Dennis through this difficult high school transition. We look forward to meeting you in person.

    - Dennis and family, 9th grade, Highland Park Senior High

  • Young boy student talking into the camera

    Ms. Tennyson, Thank you so much!!

    - Everett, 1st grade, Horace Mann School

  • Ms. Wiechmann, 

    Thank you for all of your help with my assignments and for supporting me through high school.

    - Linda, 10th grade, Central Senior High

  • Young female smiling up at the ceiling

    Thank you so much, Ms. Connelly! Your class is the highlight of our day.

    PS: We hope you enjoy our song choice

    - Jaya and Finn, 11th grade, Highland Park Senior High