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About Ms. Allal


Dear Families:

Thank you for supporting your child through Distance Learning this spring.  Everyone is hooked up and ready to go! If you have any problems with technology you may contact me or email the family support office at or call the number: 651-603-4348.

 Ms. Allal’s Expectations for Distance Learning:

Lessons will be posted at 7:30.

  • Please look for the morning meeting attendance check in activity. Complete the checklist and send it back to me when activities are completed. Parents should sign the bottom.
  • Use the daily checklist and schedule to help guide your student through the day.
  • Students should spend 1.5-2 hours each day. Take breaks and do what you can.
  • Some of this time should be independent reading using books, RAZ kids, Epic Books, Virtual library (Unite for Literacy is a great site!)
  • If your child is sick, please call the school phone at 651-744-3290.
  • If your child is NOT online the day before, they will be marked absent if I do not hear from you. Email me through See Saw or the school email to keep me updated on technology issues or student needs. (
  • School hours are 7:15-2:15.
  • Use the weekends to catch up on any activities. Sunday night at 6 pm I will take off the activities from the week to keep the feed from getting too full.
  • If you your child needs help, they may send me a message in the comment area of the activity or write me a note. I can also walk them through the assignment over the phone. (651) 894-2560.


Schedule: ( Any changes will be on the checklist for the day.)

Daily Morning Message Attendance Check-in

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- Reading Lesson- Shared reading together

Thursday and Friday- Writing Workshop

Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Math Lesson-new concepts

Monday-Friday- Math Review problems/ Number Talks

Monday-Friday-phonics lessons

Social Studies- Thursdays


*English Language Learners will get tailored lessons.  Please complete these activities. These activities are built to support the learning for reading, math, social studies and writing.

* Intervention groups with Ms. Chisholm and Ms Ammerman- some students will have these important support groups two times a week.

Learning Lab- STEM- with Ms. Chisholm and Ms. Ammerman- Tuesdays

Ms. Eman- School Counselor- Wednesdays

Phy-Ed  with Ms. C. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays

Health with Ms. C.-Tuesdays and Thursdays

Art with Mr. Sinn- Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

Library with Ms. Devries- Tuesdays and Fridays

We have many teachers to support your student!  We are all here for you and care about your health and well-being.  Please reach out to me or any of the teachers listed.  Stay healthy and happy with your beautiful children.  I miss you all, and I enjoy speaking with you.  You are all doing an incredible job!



Brenda Allal

First Grade Teacher