Hsakushee Zan

  • Ms. Zan


    Working for Harding as a MLL Bilingual Specialist is such a great privilige to me. I have been with Saint Paul Public School for about 11 years and worked in Adult Basic Education (Hubbs Center) and Early Childhood Family Eduaction (Crossroads and Wheelock) before moving to Harding on February 4th, 2019. 

    I was born in Thai-Burma border and grew up in the refugee camps (three Karen refugee camps) in Thailand. I came to America in the summer of 2007, and my first priority was to get high education. I received my undergraduate degree in Political Science, minor in Racial Justice in Urban Schooling and Sociology from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and I am now a graduate student at Univeristy of Wisconsin River Falls in K-12 School Couseling Program.  

    At Harding, I am happy to work with our students, especially Karen students, families and the school staff. I also help with the translation and interpretation. The successful achievement of our students is my goal and priority. Please feel free to use my times and contact me with any question or concern you have. 

    I live in the Eastside of Saint Paul with my husband and 4 children; 3 girls and 1 boy. During my free time, I love to read, cook, watch movies and spend times with my family. Over the weekend, I love to visit my mother and my older sister who has cerebral palsy and has not been able to talk and work since the age of 3 days old. 

Contact Information

  • Email: hsakushee.zan@spps.org

    Cultural/Family Liaison to Karen Families 

    Phone: 651-744-7538 (O) 


  • EL Classes, Karen EL Students and Family Engagement Program