• Earn As You LearnEarn as you Learn

    Are you intereste​d in earning money from home this summer? Are you interested in learning about possible careers and earning a certification to bring you closer to those careers? 

    SPPS is offering an opportunity for students to earn a stipend to explore interests, select a certification to work on, learn the materials, and earn a certificate and/or credential to show work readiness. Students can complete the work from home.

    Certifications Overview Document: Click Here 


    Who is Earn as You Learn for?

    SPPS students: 9th-12th graders (SY 2019-20)

    Please contact hannah.chan@spps.org for more information if you would like to be considered.


    How does Earn as You Learn work?

    In order to earn the stipend, students will be required to complete 5 components:

    1) Career interest exploration (Schoology)

    2) Financial literacy (FoolProof)

    3) Online Certification course

    4) Certification test/exam

    5) End of Program feedback


    To learn more about Earn as You Learn, CLICK HERE for a video.


  • Career Interest  Financial Literacy  MS Cert  OSHA  RETAIL
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):FAQ   

     What is the timeline to complete the Earn as You Learn program? 

    • The work is asynchronous - this means students work virtually at their own pace. Some students will complete the work in a few weeks and others will take longer. Some students may spend 5 hours a week (that's 1 hour a day) working on this program while others may spend 10 hours or more. Consider making a weekly schedule.
    • Depending on the certification you selected and your work style, it'll likely take somewhere between 35 and 50 hours to complete the work.
    • All work needs to be completed by 8/21/20 at the latest. The sooner you complete the work, the sooner you'll receive your stipend.


    Will I be able to earn more than one certification?

    • Yes, students can earn additional certifications in OSHA, MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The Microsoft certifications are well-recognized and look great on your resume. For the Customer Service & Sales certification, we offer a limited number of certifications. 


    Can I earn more than one stipend?

    • In order to provide an opportunity for other SPPS students to earn a stipend, each high school student can earn one stipend.


     Are there any healthcare certifications being offered?

    • No, we are not offering healthcare certifications. Many require in-person training and due to COVID, we're not able to offer these certifications.


    What about certifications in other areas?

    • Due to COVID-19, technology requirements, and other factors, we’re offering a select number of certifications. For the summer 2020 program, the certification options are OSHA, Microsoft, and Customer Service.


    Will the student be required to pay for any of the certifications being offered?

    • For the summer 2020 program, the certification course and exam fees are being paid for by grant dollars. It is FREE for students to earn certifications.