About the Teacher

Phone: 651-293-8970


Degrees and Certifications:

Spanish K-12 License 2018 K-6 Elementary K-6 License 2021

Ms. Denise Doty

Who am I?
I was born in Winona, Minnesota and have lived here all my life, but for two years. One year I spent in Japan and the other in Colombia. I got my teacher’s license from Hamline University,
where I also obtained my undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Latin American Studies. I enjoy travelling whether it be to another state or another country. When I am at home I spend time
with my 3 sons and their families barbequing or sitting around a bonfire talking. I also enjoy learning languages. In addition to keeping up on my Spanish skills, I’m also trying to learn German
as my middle son is stationed in Germany as a Sergeant in the army.

I am excited to be back here at a school that prepares students to be global citizens. As a Spanish teacher preparing students to interact with the world is what I do and love. Here at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy students are “inspired to achieve their fullest potential” and I am excited to be part of their journey.

Students will be learning:

"StoryAsking & Storytelling" are methods for teaching children through the use of stories. By teaching through stories students receive comprehensible input. In other words, students learn and understand words through the context of stories. The goal is to scaffold language so that it remains completely comprehensible and accessible to students, resulting in successful and relatively rapid acquisition of the language. A constant flow of scaffolded input ensures that students will understand every message and be able to respond successfully, whether it is with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, one word, or an entire phrase or sentence. Input may take the form of graduated questions, circling questions, personalized questions, cooperatively created stories, mini-stories, short stories, fairy tales, sequences, songs, poems, rhymes, chants and a wide variety of readings.

In addition to learning the Spanish language students will be learning about culture from 20 countries and 1 territory (Puerto Rico) where Spanish is the official language. We will also take a look at the United States, which does not have an official language, to see the impact that the Spanish language has had.