• The Academic Support Center provides academic and social/emotional support for students and their families when their instructional context is distance learning and they may not have access to their teacher. 

    Centers will be located at six locations throughout Saint Paul School District and will provide tutoring and academic support, not classroom instruction, services to students. A team of Educational Assistants, Teaching Assistants, volunteers, with background in education and teaching, and Community partnerships will be in charge of  providing the support to all students attending these centers.

    Students will be referred to receive this academic support. Students will be served 1-4 hours per day, several times a week, according to students’ needs.


    Nutrition Services 
    Students will have access to healthy snacks in both the morning and the afternoon. 
    Parents can pick up their meal boxes from these centers.


    Transportation Services
    We encourage parents to provide transportation to and from these centers.  We also know that some students may need transportation. 
    Transportation services will be provided, depending on availability of buses and if parents request it, within two days of the scheduled attendance to these centers. 

  • Center Hours
    Mon. - Fri., 7:30am - 6pm*
    Sat., 9am - 12pm
    *Closed non-school days

    Center Locations
    Area A- Johnson
    Area B- Harding
    Area C/E- Washington
    Area D- Open/Humboldt
    Area F- Central
    * HIghland Complex (overflow, if needed)

    District Map