Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Garcia

Hello! I'm Ms. Garcia and I'm one of the special education DCD teachers at the Lower Campus.

About me: 

As a teacher... My students call me Ms. Garcia.  I am very excited for the 2020-21 school year! I am new to Global Arts Plus Lower.  I have been a DCD Special Education teacher at Humboldt High School for over a decade and enjoyed working with high school & middle school students for many years. NOW, I am eager to learn more about younger students with special needs and how I can be the kind of teacher that serves this population best.


As Carrie...I am a mom and have two young adult sons who currently live with me. I teach yoga in the community to any person and anybody who is interested in learning more about movement and breath practice. I love hot chai with oat milk in the morning.  I am a vegan.  I love biking, hiking, dancing, writing, reading and backpacking.  I meditate daily and do meditation retreats often. I love to be creative and spontaneous!  


During COVID...It has been difficult to isolate from friends and family. I’ve been learning safe ways to enjoy others' company.  I have done a lot of outdoor activities including Tree Hugging Yoga!  I found that teaching online got easier as time went on.  I taught Extended School Year in June and July and had fun learning more about all the different features of Seesaw!   


Going forward...Distance Learning has been a challenge for us all.  My hope is that we do the best we can with what we have and the limitations that are imposed upon us. I invite us to look at this time as an OPPORTUNITY to think outside of the box and be innovative.  

How to reach me:  

Via phone at 612-430-9467

Via email: