Nicki Ramos

  • I have taught English Language Arts with 7th and 8th graders for 16 years. This year my teaching position has changed. I will be the new WINN Reading teacher and I am excited about helping students grow their reading skills and discover what they can love about reading!

    Growing up, I was fortunate to have experienced deep learning through literacy, the arts, and the outdoors with my own family and in school experiences. I put great value in what multiple learning opportunities bring to our students: time to take chances, to think in creative ways, to show talents, and to express culture and tradition. I am so grateful to have found my way to Montessori education; it seems I’ve been a Montessorian all along. I deeply value the tenets of Montessori education and believe that this way of learning can support all of our young people.

    I love working with middle school students every day. My goal is to help all middle school students find confidence and empowerment in learning about themselves and the world around them. We talk each day about how we can advocate for ourselves and each other. I believe that we can learn something new every single day; everyone can be a student and everyone can be a teacher.

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Nicki Ramos