Braided Journey

Braided Journey
  • The Braided Journeys Program is a proactive, Tier 2 intervention (Response to Intervention, or RTI), to address  1) student engagement, 2) academic success, and 3) cultural enrichment for our American Indian students. 

    The SPPS Braided Journeys Program is modeled after the Edmonton Catholic School’s First Nations, Metis, Inuit  (FNMI) Graduation Coach Initiative. Since its implementation in 2009, the FNMI Graduation Coach Initiative at  St. Joseph High School has increased the three-year graduation rate of FNMI students from 14.9% to 60.4% by  supporting the transition of students from junior high and retaining students as they progress through high  school. SPPS is optimistic that the Braided Journeys Program will show similar results. 

    The foundation of the Braided Journeys Program follows the Medicine Wheel concept: East (Transitioning);  South (In School Supports); West (Cultural Enrichment): and North (Family Involvement). The Medicine Wheel  teaches us to respect the ongoing interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all things. Its teachings will  provide a supportive, learning and cultural environment for our American Indian students.

    Essentially, the Braided Journeys Program provides a positive and supportive learning environment for our  American Indian students. To do this, the Coaches must first establish a connective relationship with each  student and their families. Students thrive when they have a support system in their world. The supportive  adults at school will lead to an increase in American Indian student school success. 


  • Como Park High School
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