Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Bachelor Degree in Accounting

Ms. Kristy Chen

Hi, this is Kristy Chen. I was born in a small village named Chen’s Hill in China. In that village, all families had the same family name, Chen, and families were all somehow related whether close or far.
My family raised oxen, pigs, chickens and cats.I used to take my ox to the pasture for grass, leading it with a rope through its nose. I still remember the thrilling scene when my cat chased a panicked mouse. One of my favorite things to do was collecting chicken eggs for my family. After my hen laid an egg, she would proudly sing very loudly: “ge ge da, ge ge da”, it means “个个大,个个大” in Chinese. Can you believe that hens can speak Chinese? "个个大” means “Each (egg) is big” in English. So many years have passed by, but the warmth of fresh eggs in my hands hasn’t faded away from my memory.

Now, I live with my husband, three children and a dog named Halo in St. Paul. I enjoy reading, traveling, singing and gardening. I am eager to learn new skills, and adaptable to challenging situations.

I graduated from Metropolitan State University with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a bachelor degree in Accounting. I taught 3rd grade Science for half a year as a substitute in China. After I worked as an accountant in China and in Minnesota in the past two decades, I realize that my passion is to be a Chinese teacher.

Welcome to Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy 3rd grade! I am so excited that I will teach your child Chinese during the 2020-2021 school year.


Kristy Chen (Chen Laoshi)