Joshua Anderson

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    Hello! I'll be one of the speech-language pathologists (SLP) at Harding High School this year, replacing Ms. Mallory who will be working in Iceland. I previously worked at both Battle Creek Middle School and Harding High School, so I’ll know many of our returning students.  I double-majored in Philosophy and Psychology at Bethel University, and before obtaining my M.A. in Speech-Language-Hearing at St. Cloud State University I worked in the non-profit and mental health world.

    Growing up as a person who stuttered was not easy, but it has given me a keen sense of the positive impact that SLPs can have in schools. My goal is to support and enhance the communication effectiveness of our students who have communication difficulties, including:

    • Receptive and expressive language difficulties
    • Articulation
    • Voice/resonance
    • Stuttering
    • Social-Pragmatic Language
    • AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)

    SLPs have a range of responsibilities in helping students meet performance standards in District 625. These include prevention, assessment, and possible intervention for students whose communication difficulty negatively impacts their ability to participate or be successful in the classroom. We also collaborate with teachers and families, consult with other professionals, and advocate for our students' needs.

    I look forward to working with your learner and you throughout this school year.

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