Achievement Plus at JAJ

  • What is Achievement Plus? It means that we are a school, PLUS so much more! Inside of ourschool we have therapists, after school programs, a health clinic, legal experts, aclothing and food shelf, dentists, and so much more.

    Achievement Plus Schools are full-service community schools that focus on raising student achievement. Schools and organizations work together to provide resources that help students and families to continue to succeed. Achievement Plus is a collaborative partnership of Saint Paul Public Schools and the Wilder Foundation.

    Achievement Plus is a whole-community approach to public education that supports student and family success. Achievement Plus Schools are public schools where community partners and educators work together to provide the resources and services that help students – and their families – continue to succeed.

    J.T. Quintero, our Community Liaison, coordinates all programs and services at JAJ. Contact J.T. at or (651) 744-1647 for more information, referrals, and resources.