English Language Learner Programs

English Learner Program

  • Saint Paul Public Schools provides English language development and education for students whose home language is not English (approximately 30 percent of SPPS students).

    During the enrollment process, information is gathered about a student’s language background. Students are assessed to determine whether they qualify for English Learner (EL) services.

    Students who qualify will receive instruction focused on increasing a student’s English language skills. Learning is achieved through collaborative teaching, and teaching core subjects (math, science, language arts and social studies) in English. Student progress can be measured based on their performance on the ACCESS* standardized assessment.

    Every year, student progress is measured to determine English language proficiency. When students meet state academic standards, they may exit the program.

    *ACCESS (Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State) is a test to determine the progress of students who are learning English. For more information, visit spps.org/mll or call 651-767-8320.

Language Academy

  • Children new to the U.S. who need to develop English language proficiency skills have the option to take Language Academy at participating schools. Students in grades 1-12 receive intensive academic support from English Learner (EL) teachers who work together with general education teachers. For more information, visit spps.org/mll or call 651-767-8320.

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