American Indian Education Program

About the American Indian Education Program

  • The American Indian Education Program, offered through the Saint Paul Public Schools District 625, is in existence to preserve and present the unique political, sovereign, cultural, traditional, and spiritual values of American Indian Nations through Education.

    To assist American Indian students in graduating from high school with quality education and a positive cultural personal identity.

    The Saint Paul Indian Education program was created as a supplemental program of Saint Paul Public Schools in 1973 in response to the 1972 Indian Education Act. The initial purpose of the program was to provide supportive counseling and tutoring for American Indian students and their parents. In the early nineties the program increased its focus on language and cultural connection to improve the academic success of American Indian students. In 1992 the focus increased to include post-secondary planning and outreach efforts to eligible students who most needed assistance. The American Indian Education Program provides services to students; including parents and families.


  • The American Indian Education Program provides services to students, parents and families. All services are supplemental to existing services or are services not provided by another school program. American Indian Education Program services may be provided to any American Indian student who is: 

    • An enrolled member of a tribe, band or other organized group, including Alaskan Natives.
    • The child or grandchild of a member of a tribe, band or other organized group.

    Contact us for details and help in determining eligibility.


  • Cultural Enrichment

    • Groups for K-6 students
    • D/Lakota & Ojibwe Language instruction
    • District-Wide Professional Development
    • Knowledge Bowl Competition
    • Sewing Society

    Social Work

    • Consultation with parents providing advocacy and referral. District wide service to American Indian parents and students.

    Chemical Use Prevention

    • Preventative CD Awareness Group for Grades 6-9
    • Sobriety Support Groups for Grades 9-12
    • "Families of Tradition"
    • One-on-One Counseling

    Post Secondary Planning Program

    • Advocacy, Liaison Services and Counseling
    • Assistance Obtaining Financial Aid
    • College Field Trips


    • Fall Feast & Drum Blessing
    • Indigenous Peoples' Day Parade
    • Powwows
    • School Supply Distribution
    • Senior Recognition
    • Youth Honoring