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  • The SPPS Online School is a fully online high school launching in the fall of 2021. The school will serve grades 9-12.

    The SPPS Online School is a new school in St. Paul. It will have its own principal, staff and students.


    FAQ Is this the same as the Virtual Learning School that was offered to students in the 2020-21 school year? 

    No. The Virtual Learning School was a program developed in response to Covid-19. The Virtual Learning School was created to provide distance learning opportunities for families who did not want to engage in face-to-face instruction. The SPPS Online School is a brand new SPPS high school offering full-time online instruction. The SPPS Online School will address the same state standards as other SPPS high schools, but will modify courses for online learning.

    At the SPPS Online School:

    • Learning will be 100% online
    • Students will receive instruction in core subjects and electives
    • Students will engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning that addresses state standards
    • Students will be taught by passionate SPPS teachers who build strong relationships with their students
    • Students will graduate with a diploma from the SPPS Online School
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    Enrollment is open to current SPPS students and students in neighboring districts.

    You can enroll online, or by phone by contacting the Student Placement Office at 651-632-3760.