• Competitive at the Junior Varsity, and Varsity level.

    Practice Schedule:  2:30-4:30pm at Central High School Tennis Courts

    Participation Fee: $45/ with fee waiver $20

    Season Start: August 13th 2018


    A letter from the coach to Incoming Freshman:


    Welcome to the St Paul Central Girls Tennis Team!

    Being part of a team is a great experience. While participating on our team you will be improving social skills and developing friendships that will last a lifetime. Also by playing tennis you are developing additional life skills such a discipline, strong work ethic, learning to solve problems, developing strength and fitness. And, of course, tennis and playing on a team is fun!

    Here are some of the details for the 2018 season:

    • Pre-season practice starts on Monday August 13th 9:30am-12:00pm
    • The official Sports Website for St Paul public schools:

    Be sure you complete the following before the season begins:

    • Fill out and return all forms (MSHSL eligibility form & sports physical) and pay the activity fee ($45/ $20 if you receive free/reduced lunch) to Central Athletic Office- checks payable to Central High School
    • Forms can be downloaded at

    We are looking forward to a successful season with you as a member of our team!

    See you in the fall-

    Coach Garry Clark




    To be eligible to participate in athletics at Central High School, all student-athletes must meet the student conduct and academic eligibility requirements. In addition, the following items must be turned into the Central Athletic Office before or on the Friday prior to the first scheduled day of practice.

    _____ 1. A completed & signed 2018-19 MSHSL Eligibility Statement/Health Questionnaire- effective for one calendar school year

    _____ 2. An up-to-date SPORTS physical exam - eligible for three years, unless stated otherwise by a Physician

    _____ 3. Participation fee - required fees vary by sport, please see a specific sport's homepage for details. Checks payable to "Central High School" unless stated otherwise

     To ensure the athletic department receives all necessary materials prior to the start of the season, do not mail fee or forms to Central High School. All registration items must be hand delivered to the Athletic Office (room 1116) for verification prior to the first scheduled day of practice. Failure to turn in necessary materials on time will result in an ineligibility to physically participate. Athletes cannot participate until they have been deemed eligible by the athletic department. No participation fee refund will be given after the second official week of practice. A refund request must commence by the athlete or parent/guardian within the first two weeks of practice. Registration for all athletics ends on the third Friday from the start of a specific season (some exceptions may apply to this rule). Additional athletic registration resources are available on the Athletics Homepage under "Athletic Forms" in the right hand column.


Girls Tennis All-Conference Team

Athletic Office

  • 275 N Lexington Parkway

    Saint Paul, MN 55104

    Room 1407

    Phone: 651/744-5102

    Fax: 651/632-6029


    Athletic Director

    Treacy Funk



    Administrative Assistant

    Morgan Wiechmann