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Facilities Can the district explain specifically how Central High School’s HVAC system meets the needs for safe ventilation with adequate air intake and air exchange? Over the months Central was unoccupied, ventilation was assessed and issues related to air handlers were corrected. Many damper actuators were replaced, and all units were balanced to ensure proper air circulation. Many inoperable windows were repaired. The building switched from MERV 8 to MERV 11 filters, and all filters were replaced over recent weeks (and will continue to be replaced regularly). Air handling units are now scheduled to run longer before and after building occupation, and the
General How can the district expect parents to make an informed decision by the stated due date without all the relevant details of the plan provided? I hear your frustration and acknowledge the difficulty of the decision. Please know that our staff wiill work hard to support all students.
General I offer feedback: THANK YOU for the communication, transparency, and engagement. It is much appreciated! Please continue to provide regular updates. Thank you to all involved. I especially appreciate the direct communications from Principal Vang, in her role as a leader, and not in third person. Thank you for the feedback.
General I suggest that the questions and answers be shared in real time with parents and students. I recommend a link on the splash page of the Central webpage to an FAQ document. And the FAQ document be updated daily. We are working on answering the questons. And yes, the document will be updated daily.
General If a student decides to go back to virtual learning, will that transition be instantaneous? Ex. On April 16, after going to in-person and determining it is not the better environment for her and wants to change back, will she be able just to log in on. . .I think the 19th is the next school day? If you decide that in person learning is not working for you student, you will need to submit your request for virtual learning using the same link. The Campus team will move your enrollment over to virtual learning within 48 hours.
General If students are following Covid safety protocol, Central will likely have a lot of students staying home from in-person learning to quarantine after possible Covid exposure. Will these students be able to join class synchronously during a Google Meet? If not, would this system be inadvertently encouraging students to attend school while possibly sick? Our planning team is working on these details.
General If we do not enroll in virtual by March 11, and then details provided March 25 or at any other time prior to April 14 come out (including outbreaks in the community, or a personal connection to a case/s) that make it more clear in-person is NOT the better choice for my student, can they revert to virtual in time for April 14? Yes. Students who do not enroll in Virtual Learning by March 11 but later decide they would like to change to it from In-Person, will be allowed to do so. Once VL has been selected, however, that decision is for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, and one will not be able to switch back to In-Person.
General My freshman has never even set foot inside the building. Will a freshman orientation be offered? Our 9th grade counselors and in person learning planning team are working on a plan to acclimate our 9th graders to our building.
General Thank you for all of your hard work. We are thrilled to have our child attend in-person school. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Thank you for your patience, trust and understanding in our Central Community.
General What is the plan for social distancing in cramped hallways and rooms? We are following the guidelines provided by the MDH for social distancing. We will utilize all spaces in the building for social distance. Expectations will be established, reviewed, and reinforced. It will require collaboration from everyone during transitions.
General What plans do you have to integrate freshman? To this point, my daughter has never been inside the building. I want to see that you have plans to introduce freshman and help them navigate the building, classes, etc. There is a lot of anxiety around this. Other districts have taken the steps to bring freshman back first for a day or two to help them acclimate. I want to know what Central plans to do. The in person planning team in collaboration with our 9th grade counselors are woking on a plan to acclimate our 9th grades to Central. We recognize that our 9th graders have not been to the building and need to be oriented to our building. Thank you for sharing what other district's have done.
General Who will the students have as their teacher if they are online? I've heard different things from different sources (that they will have the same teacher, that they will have a different teacher from Central, that they will have a teacher from a different school).? Students will remain with their current teachers from Central.
General Will virtual students just be doing written lesson plans by themselves or will it be different based on the teacher? Will all classes be available virtually and have you verified that per department and teacher? Can virtual student join into class via zoom in order to have access to the classroom experience and if not why? Virtual learning students will remain in their current courses and with their current teachers. All classes are available to virtual students. Virtual students will have time to interact with their teachers during office hours. Teachers can and are encourage to invite virtual students to join their in person instruction.
General With the Derek Chavin trial staring, what is the plan to address the trauma and stress this has for so many kids/families On top of the impacts of being in quarantine for a year. Are there intentional strategies? What is the school security plan now that the resource officers are gone? Our staff have been provided resources to support and engage their students in dialogue regarind the Chauvin trial. A committee is also working on identifying "virtual" spaces to allow students to come together and process how the trial and other social factors are impacting them.
Health and Safety Does the school have a specific plan in order to quickly pivot back to online learning in the event that there is a Covid outbreak? Can you share it with us? Decisions regarding whether we are in Distance Learning, offering On-Site Support, or providing In-Person Learning have and will continue to be made at the District level. Should we learn that such a transition had become necessary, we would be guided by a desire to minimize change while ensuring student safety. Barring information to the contrary, a return to a previous DL model, appropriate to the level of the health concern, would be re-implemented.
Health and Safety How is it that 3 ft of distancing is deemed acceptable when even the CDC guideline of 6 feet has been shown to be a bare minimum or not sufficient? The more we can space apart, the better/safer. We have not offered In-Person Learning before now, because, based on existing conditions, we did not feel confident we could do so safely. We currently believe, with mask wearing and accompanying protocols, students can be safe at a 3ft distance, or we would not be inviting them into our buildings. We also understand that parents may have a different level of comfort with that plan, which is why there is the option for Virtual Learning.
Health and Safety How many students will be in a classroom, and how have you considered the use of non-traditional spaces to improve social distancing? Every classroom has been calculated and marked for maximum occupancy based on square footage. We will be using non-traditional spaces (cafeteria, auditorium, atriums, conference rooms, etc) as alternative teaching spaces to accommodate where we cannot stay within the capacity of a classroom.
Lunch Can students have the choice to opt out of lunch? Yes. Lunch is optional and students do not need to take lunch if they do not want to eat.
Lunch The PPT says that bagged lunches will be provided. Is that for ALL students? Surely not. Bagged lunches will be prepared for all students and set up so they can grab one each day as they enter the building. Students will bring their lunch with them to their first classroom, and they will eat there (as they currently do in our On-Site Support model).
Lunch What meals will they get at school? Where and when will they eat them? Will they be free? Students will be provided a bagged lunch upon and will be expected to eat in their assigned classroom upon arrival (10:30am). Lunch will be provided at no cost to families.
Lunch Will students have the option of eating lunch outside or off campus? We have a 10th grader we are happy to see go back, but unmasked eating inside is proving to be a significant risk. Given that, we would like to see our student have the option of eating outside. Thank you. Students are expected to eat in their assigned classroom to avoid large gatherings of students and to follow social distancing guidelines.
Scheduling For students with study hall, can you assign the study hall for the end of the day so that the student can leave the building early, in order to reduce total exposure time in a day? Students are assigned study hall according to their daily class schedule which means that a study can fall at any period in the schedule. Students with a study hall as a first period and/or last period may come to school in time for their first class and leave school after their last class if they do not rely on school transportation. Students need permission from their parents/guardians because they will be marked absent if they choose to not attend a regularly scheduled study hall during th
Scheduling If more students than you anticipate opt for in person learning and they can’t be spaced to at least 3 feet, would a hybrid schedule be considered? We will transition to in person learning regardless of the number of students enrolled. We will work to utilize all the spaces in the building to adhere to the 3' social distancing protocol.
Scheduling Is a hybrid model being considered to j create the ability for social distancing? We will be utilizing the In-Person model to provide support for students on-site. Students remain in distance learning (VLS) will have access to their teachers.
Scheduling Is it possible to consider, due to the shortened school day, that students have-two days each week- classes Advisory, Periods 1-3 and the other day Periods 4-7? Additionally, please consider allowing students to each lunch outside as weather permits. Schedule planning team is working to finalize daily schedule. Weather permitting we will utilize all available spaces inside and outside of our building to allow for safe social distancing.
Scheduling My child is receiving special Ed services and goes to school 2 days a week. My understanding is neither plans in person or distance will have the same supports in place for her. Right now with 2 days in school and the others DL she is successful the first time this year. What plans are there that would give her the same opportunity?? She’s a 9th grader and new to the district. She doesn’t qualify for SE the entire day and has Stephanie Schobele as her teacher working with her. She won’t have h Please follow up with your child's case manager to ensure that a specific plan is in place to support academic and social-emotional needs.
Scheduling My kids are very interested to learn what their schedule will look like: how many classes per day... Schedule planning team is working to finalize daily schedule
Scheduling Our child has a part time job. We need to know the class schedule ASAP, and I REALLY hope it remains the schedule she currently has to avoid disruption for her and all other students. Students will work asynchronously each morning 8:30am-10:30am. For those students onsite, classes will be 10:30am-3:00pm. Our scheduling team is working to finalize the number of class periods that will meet each day.
Scheduling Re VL: the district info session 3/10 stated teachers are being asked to prepare one lesson per day for each course. Will those lessons be posted at start of week (or twice per week), or will each lesson be posted daily? If posting daily, please build in scheduled per-class period synchronous VL time so students may ask questions and continue progress. My personal preference is bulk posting of lessons over daily posting so schedule can continue as has-been rather than schedule disruption at We are working on these details. Thank you for the input and recommendation. We will work to keep systems as consistent as we can for students.
Scheduling Re: in-person: how many synchronous class periods (room changes) per day? Schedule planning team is working to finalize daily schedule
Scheduling Re: VL: How many synchronous class periods will students have per day? For example will the synchronous office hour be assigned to period 1/2 Monday; 3/4 Tuesday; 5/6 Wednesday. Or is there no dedicated synchronous class time for VL? Daily schedule is being finalized. Students in VLS will be provided opportunities for daily contact with their teachers, through daily office hours.
Scheduling Will students with a study hall be allowed to leave school during that time? For instance, if it is right before lunch, could they leave during the study hall and come back after lunch? Students are to remain on campus while attending In-Person support (10:30am-3:00pm) and not allowed to leave during school day, unless they have parent/guardian permission to leave for an appointment.