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COVID Relief Allocations and Spending Timelines

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What is the American Rescue Plan?

  • The American Rescue Plan (ARP) has presented school districts across the country with an incredible opportunity. Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) is receiving approximately $207 million to be used over the next three years for COVID-19 response efforts and to address long-term student outcomes that have been impacted by the pandemic.

    ARP is the last of the federal funding allotments, totaling $334 million, that SPPS is receiving during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, which must be used to:

    ARP ESSER goals chart


    SPPS is committed to providing sustainable resources to schools and students, improving teaching and learning, and ensuring a safe return to school for all students and staff. In the coming months and years, supporting students will mean investing in not only their education, but in their human potential to be resilient, adaptive, courageous and successful. These funds present an opportunity for SPPS to be innovative, try new things, and prepare our students for the future while supporting our staff in providing effective instruction, social-emotional learning, health and wellness support, and addressing academic and enrichment gaps within our communities.  

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