• Take your GED®

    tests for LESS



    Minnesota residents who are first time GED® testers can get a discount of $10 off their first GED® tests in each subject! 


    Tests normally cost $30 each. When using the $10 off discount, tests are reduced to $20 each. Use the code MNGED10 when scheduling your tests.


    Free preparation classes are highly recommended to determine if you are ready to take the GED® tests! Click here to learn more about online and in-person free classes.


  • Take Your GED® Test at the Hubbs Center!

    The Hubbs Center is an official GED® testing center.


    How to schedule your test:

    Create an account at GED.com, or call 1-877-392-6433.

    When selecting the testing location, choose the Hubbs Center.

    There is no walk-in testing or same day testing. Missed test appointments are non-refundable.



    The GED® consists of 4 timed tests:

    Reasoning Through Language Arts .... 150 minutes
    Mathematical Reasoning..................... 115 minutes
    Science ............................................... 90 minutes
    Social Studies ..................................... 70 minutes

    Types of questions on the GED® tests:

    Multiple choice
    Drop down
    Drag and drop
    Fill in the blank
    Select an area
    Short answer
    Extended response (essay)



    Tests can be taken in English or Spanish.



    The passing score for each tests is 145.

    There is no averaging of scores. Each test must be at 145 or higher to earn your GED® diploma.



    19 years of age or older  (17-18 year olds need to apply for an age waiver and be approved)

    Valid ID  (driver's license, state ID, passport, consulate card, etc.)



    $30 for each test (or $120 for all four subjects)

    First time testers who are Minnesota residents can use the code MNGED10 for $10 off their first test in each subject. With the discount, tests are $20 each or $80 for all four subjects.

    $10 for retests



    How to ceate an account at GED.com

    How to regsiter at GED.com

    How to schedule a test at GED.com  



    Additional information can be found at GED.com.

    You can also call the Hubbs Center GED® Testing Office at 651-290-4779.