Chinyere Obasi

  • I am so privileged to be working in my 10th year as a Licensed School Nurse with St Paul School District. Above all, I am so honored to have my own home this year which is Parkway Montessori Middle School. My schedule is Tuesday through Friday from 08:15am to 3:15pm.  I am off every Mondays. My email address is

     Educational background and Experiences: My educational preparation includes Doctor of Nursing Practice with specialty in Transcultural Nursing, Master’s in Nursing Science, with specialty in Midwifery and Certification in advanced Practice Intrapartum Obstetrics, Certification in Nursing Assistant/home aide instructor and tester, and a certification in public Health Nurse. I have 37years of experience as a registered nurse. My work experiences include working in acute hospital settings and public and private schools in St Paul school district. I am certified in the following areas: CPR, NRP, and Automatic External Defibrillation.

     Nursing role in the Student Health Office: Includes professional healthcare care coordination, health education, preventive and screening services, chronic health condition management such as asthma, diabetes, seizure, and life-threatening conditions such as allergies and anaphylaxis. Skilled nursing assessment, intervention, and evaluation process within an educative, research-based, transcultural nursing care, and advocating framework are integrated into every individual daily visit to ensure that health care needs are fulfilled. My role also includes assistance with decision-making about health, and immunization against preventable diseases.

     Nursing Goal: My goal is to make sure that all health conditions are managed using evidenced-based practice. Ensuring that each scholar has a health care support in order to understand and manage their individual health condition within their abilities and keep scholars in the classroom where learning occurs. My focus is to pay attention on hygiene, exercise, nutrition, and emotional well-being to promote healthy lifestyle of our scholars.

    I encourage parents to pay attention to important health office information on our school Newsletter at "Student Health Corner". This area will address what is going on related to the health of our students. Immunizations updates, and other important healthcare needs of our scholars.

    I look forward to working collaboratively with families, students, school staff, and healthcare providers to enhance success and wellbeing of our students.


    Mrs. Chi Obasi, DNP, MSN, RNC, PHN, LSN


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Chinyere Obasi