Sarah Ellefson, English Language Teacher

Portrait of Sarah Ellefson
  • Welcome!

    I am Sarah Ellefson. I teach language to students learning academic English. I have been teaching since 2005.

    Some of our students were born in the U.S. and many speak English at home. Some were born in another country. All of them bring important languages and cultures to the classroom. No matter what languages or cultures you bring to Randolph, you are welcome here! I can't wait to learn from you.

    Our students practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Sometimes I teach students in our English language classroom. Sometimes I teach in the grade-level classrooms. I work together with grade-level teachers to make sure the language I am teaching will help students be successful in school. Students study English for math, social studies, language arts (reading and writing), or science. They also study social and instructional language so they can talk with teachers and friends.