Stephanie Bowron, Music Enrichment and Staff Accompanist

Music fun for everyone
  • Ms. Bowron is a licensed English Language Arts teacher, but her favorite thing to teach is music, and her favorite kids to teach are the ones at Randolph Heights! She has been the staff accompanist for nearly 20 years, working with classroom teachers to rehearse and peform the school's fantastic grade-level musicals in every year when there isn't a pandemic (fingers crossed for this spring!). She is also in her sixth year as a music enrichment teacher at Randolph Heights, which allows her to add to the wonderful work Ms. Bird does and expand kids' musical horizons. Students in all grades get to play instruments, experiment with ways of moving to music, practice musical vocabulary, explore music history and composers, compare and contrast genres, and sing all kinds of fun things. Perhaps most importantly, students are encouraged to consider how music makes them feel, and to use music for good in their own lives as both a tool and a source of joy. Ms. Bowron's work is similar to that of an artist-in-residence, and is funded by the Randloph Heights PTA.

    Ms. Bowron's own three children went to Randolph Heights, and she is honored to be part of such a caring, professional school community. Outside of school, you can often find her playing piano in lots of other interesting places. You might see her walking her very friendly dog Varna around the neighborhood, too: come say hello anytime!