Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the SPPS Online School?

  • How do I enroll?

  • If I live outside of the SPPS attendance area, can I enroll in the SPPS Online School?

  • Can my student transfer back to their regular school mid-year?

  • Is there a Pre-K enrollment option?


  • How will online classes work?

  • How will my student receive their iPad?

  • Who will be teaching at the SPPS Online School?

  • How will the SPPS Online School be different from distance learning?

  • What types of courses will be available?

  • Will there be immersion or other specialty magnet instruction?

  • Will the SPPS Online School offer band and/or choir?

  • Will students be able to participate in athletics?

  • Will the SPPS Online School be on the same calendar as traditional SPPS schools?

  • How will school attendance be documented?

  • How will grading work?

  • Will my student be on track for graduation?

  • Will my student be expected to take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments and other district-wide assessments?

Support Services

  • What is the family expectation on supporting my child in the SPPS Online School?

  • Where can my students go during the day if I can’t stay home with them?

  • How will students’ social and emotional needs be met while learning online?

  • Will school support services including special education and English learner programs and services be available?

  • Will my student have access to the support identified in their individualized education plan?

  • Will there be any in-person learning supports available?

  • Can my children still get meals this fall?