Collective Care and Wellness Series

  • Throughout the next few years, the Office of School Support will offer a new series of district-sponsored wellness activities for staff. Schools will also have the opportunity to create staff relaxation spaces, or participate in relationship building and wellness activities as a school community (information coming soon!). Join us for upcoming opportunities! 


    Opening Week 2022 Sessions

    Start and close your days with meditation and mindfulness. Each day of opening week will begin and end with opportunities to support you as you begin the school year. Find meeting links on the district Opening Week Schedule (bottom of page 2/top of page 3) at this LINK: District Opening Week Schedule.

    Monday, August 29-Friday, September 2

    • 7:15-7:30: Morning Meditation with Carrie Garcia
    • 3:30-4:00: Collective Exhale--Mindfulness with LaDonna Funderburke
      • Monday-Setting The Tone For The School Year: This is a grounding and centering session using meditation & breathing techniques to re-energize, renew, and rejuvenate the mind and body.  Staff will learn how to use mindfulness techniques as a way to get ready for the school year.
        Tuesday-Anti-Stress and Deep Relaxation Meditation: Experience inner peace with the ancient practice of pranayama (breath control) to alleviate stress & anxiety, improve focus & concentration, calm the nervous system, and improve your  mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
        Wednesday- Attitude of Gratitude: Go on a contemplative journey of appreciation that opens the heart. Learn heart & mind coherence techniques to harmonize your system.
        Thursday-Loving Kindness Meditation: This is an inner journey of self-love and care, showing self-compassion to release the inner critic. A perfect way to align yourself with love and make yourself a healthy priority.
        Friday-Present Moment Meditation: Embrace the present moment with mindfulness/meditation, breathwork, and sound healing. Breathe into the body to identify stress that affects your health and well-being. Practice breathing techniques to become self aware and redirect your focus on what's important.

    Questions? Email Jennifer Vigil ( 


    2021-22 Sessions

    Learn more about previous offerings: LINK: 2021-22 Collective Care and Wellness Sessions


    Ongoing (in partnership with staff wellness)--Done for this school year, but will be back next year! 

Forest Bathing
  • Why this series? 

    Every member of the SPPS Community plays a role in cultivating collective wellness and a healthy school and district culture. As we increase our collective wellness, it will improve relationships among adults, in classrooms, in schools, and in district offices and help improve school and district climate. This is at the root of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  

    Though we have all been affected in different ways, we’ve all faced challenges in the past few years. When we acknowledge the harm of negative culture and the history of trauma and systemic racism, recognize recent tragedy and losses, when we make changes allowing people to heal, only then can we move forward with a vision that cultivates wellness for individuals leading to strong relationships.  

    "It is crucially important for us to take care of ourselves and for our school systems to take care of us so that we can take care of our students. Essentially, the first relationship we have is with ourselves”  --Dr. Dena Simmons (from here)