Meet Our Academic Support Team!

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    Students at Phalen Lake who show a need for extra help in literacy have an opportunity to get small group support at each grade level from one of our Academic Support teachers.  Phalen Lake has two WINN (What I Need Now) Literacy Support teachers, Xib Fwb Mos and Mrs. Athena Goff who work with students performing below grade level in grades 1 and 2.  Ms. Roxanne Gross Walsh works with grades 2 and 3. Ms. Megan Pille works with grades 4 and 5.   

    Additionally, extra literacy support for grades K - 2 is provided by our Minnesota Reading Corps Scholars.

    Parents can talk to their child’s teacher if they have concerns or questions about their child’s reading progress.  Math support is also available.  If you have any questions about Phalen Lake Hmong Studies student literacy supports, feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or to any of our Academic Support teachers.