STEM with XF Katie & XF Mai Tong

STEM Bulletin Board
  • Hello! Nyob zoo!

    Welcome to the STEM page with XF Katie and XF Mai Tong. In our classes, we teach science through Mystery Science and math through ST Math. Students will explore and develop ways to solve problems with science, technology, engineering, and math. We are fostering creative and critical thinking through science and math.

    Here's what each grade level has been exploring lately:


    • Float or Sink?
    • Magnets
    • Exploring different tools
    • Problem solving using engineering skills


    • Seasons
    • Severe Weather
    • Animals & Plants
    • Forces & Motion

    1st Grade:

    • Seasons
    • Severe Weather
    • Animals & Plants
    • Forces & Motion
    • ST Math: Addition & Subtraction

    2nd Grade:

    • Plant Reproduction & Growth
    • Animal Adventures
    • ST Math: Addition & Subtraction Strategies

    3rd Grade:

    • Animals Through Time
    • Classifying Plants
    • ST Math: Place Value & Parallel/Perpendicular lines

    4th Grade:

    • Human Body
    • Energy
    • Earth's Features & Processes
    • ST Math: Unknowns & Two-step Problems

    5th Grade:

    • Earth's Water
    • Earth's Rotation & Seasonal Patterns of Sunlight
    • ST Math: Area & Perimeter, Graphing & Landmark Data