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BA - ELED MS - Reading and Literacy

Ms. Thorpe

Greetings SPPS Families!

I am one of the 4th grade teachers at our amazing Online Elementary School. I believe learning online can be academically rigorous and still be fun! There are so many ways to teach and learn creatively. I have more than 15 years experience in education. I have taught grades 2-8 and I have served as a Literacy Coach and Specialist. One of the most important ways to ensure students' success is through motivation.

One way I motivate students is with thoughtful technology integration in the classroom. Children are naturally drawn to tech and through it they can explore ideas and activities previously denied to them. Virtual classrooms are not just another place to learn. Online learning necessitates creative thinking and problem solving. Utilizing their knowledge and curiosity with device-based activities and apps allows students to: explore multiple ways to learn, code, read, write, create art, communicate, integrate the content areas, explore math concepts, and become scientists & engineers. I love to share this vast and exciting world with my students and prepare them to be successful in a digital economy.

I prioritize building strong, sincere relationships with my students. By getting to know my students, a level of trust is put in place that enables students to take the risks necessary to learn. Along with families, I partner with my students, giving them the tools to be successful in their learning and in their lives. I truly care and get to know each student, because all students can succeed!

I am honored to be a teacher of such outstanding young people, at such an innovative and fun school! :)

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