Personalized Learning Through Technology Referendum (PLTT)

  • PLTTThe Personalized Learning Through Technology referendum (PLTT) is made possible by a $39 million a year property tax levy that was approved by Saint Paul voters in November 2012 and renewed in 2016.

    Of that amount, $30 million is a levy renewal to continue the support of a variety of educational programs. The remaining $9 million per year goes to support:

    • Meeting the varied learning needs of students through technology-enhanced learning environments.
    • Improve student achievement by empowering teachers with tools to deliver interactive learning experiences.

    Thanks to this funding, all Saint Paul students have the opportunity to use an iPad, creating equity of technology access. Instructional staff are provided with iPads and Macbooks to integrate technology into the classroom.

Referendum Spending Category Details

  • Equipment: iPads and Macbooks  PreK-5 Elementary Students:
    • 32GB Gen 8 iPads (Apple Pencil Gen 1 compatible)
    • STM Dux Duo case (similar to the current elementary iPad case)
    • Grade level sets of Apple Pencils and Logitech Crayon styluses for grades PreK-5
    • Sets of Apple Pencils (Gen 1) provided for art teachers

    6-12 Secondary Students:


    1:1 Device Deployment Related Costs Lost/damaged iPad replacement, charger and accessory replacements, logistical packing materials and inventory
    Staffing Variety of district staff in roles that support student and staff technology integration and technical/logistical support of district technology.
    District Technology Platforms & Systems Technical tools and subscriptions essential to an environment of over 40,000 iPads and 5,000 macbooks including: Internet filtering tools, LMS and SIS subscriptions, Inventory management systems, Google Enterprise and other tools.
    Academic Digital Subscriptions Classroom subscriptions selected by the Office of Teaching and Learning. Examples of these tools include NewsELA, RazKids and PearDeck. These subscriptions are sponsored by the Office of Teaching and Learning and integrated into professional development sessions.
    Professional Development Technology Integration stipends for staff and associated training funding or substitute coverage for staff attending professional development to grow digital skillset.
    Income From Technology Sales SPPS refreshes iPads and macbooks roughly every 4 years. This keeps technology optimized for academic as well as security needs. Older technology is sold to external companies. This revenue is collected back into the referendum and funds future purposes. Income generated from sales is an essential part of financial stability in the referendum.